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demoWe are your friendly neighborhood laundromat.  All kinds of people meet here, relax here, wash here - have been for years and years.  Come on in and enjoy the laid back, comfortable atmosphere.  "I love University Heights!."

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demoYou can do your laundry at your apartment, one load at a time.  Or, you can wash it all at once at our laundromat.  The average household spends nine hours a week on laundry.  The average coin laundry customer spends less than two hours per week on laundry.

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demoAbout the quarters:  Think of them as laundry tokens.  Using them is even better than playing the casino slot machines because you just "clink, clink, clink" and thirty minutes later you win all your favorite clothes, and they're clean and happy!

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                CLEAN and HAPPY!

We are simply the best, cleanest, and friendliest self service and full service laundromat around  We are conveniently located in the heart of beautiful University Heights, San Diego, California with ample free & easy parking in our back lot.  We feature plenty of environmentally friendly hi-efficiency washers.   You can relax in a safe environment because this laundry is staffed at all times, plus we have a state of the art, 24/7 security system with surveillance cameras and off site monitoring.   Our washers and dryers are continuously cleaned inside and out throughout the day to keep them spotless, remove any foreign objects, and keep the lint screens clear.  And while you wash, you can take advantage of our free WiFi, free laundry soap, and wash day specials; then visit the neighborhood coffee shop, convenience shopping, or a great selection of restaurants



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Our friendly bi-lingual staff is always on duty and ready to help.



4209 Park Blvd

San Diego, California 92103


Dry Cleaning and Fluff & Fold Available